CFWPT Season Structure



-          Starting with the 2018 season, there will be 3 conferences that will consist of 8 members each. The members of each conference will be selected via random drawing prior to the start of the season.




-          The CFWPT season begins with Week 1 of the NCAA regular season and will end with Week 13 of the NCAA regular season. Point totals for the season are considered final following the conclusion of Week 13.

o   Week 14, which consists of 7 conference championship games, will only be used for playoff positioning, which is explained in more detail below.

o   Week 15 consists only of the Army vs. Navy game, and therefore will be skipped, regardless of whether either team is ranked in the Top 25.

-          Week 14 of the NCAA season will be used for playoff positioning only (described below in Playoffs section)

-          Every week, CFWPT members will pick 26 games, one of which is designed as the Marquee Matchup of the week and will consist of the members selecting bonus picks for the game. There will be at least one game from the Thursday or Friday night game(s) included.

o   Bonus picks selected each week are one QB, one RB, one Flex (WR/TE) and a Defense. The winner in each category is determined by the amount of tallies the person/group collects over the course of the game. (See Bonus Pick Tallies link on the CFWPT Info Center)

o   The 26 games are selected by the CFWPT President. The President reserves the right to disallow a team within the Top 25 ranks to have their game on the schedule, should it be deemed that there is are more competitive games on the schedule that would allow for greater pick parity amongst the CFWPT members

o   Each set of games (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) has a pick submission deadline of 1 minute prior to the start of the earliest game of that day’s matchups. All picks must submit, in their entirety, by that deadline. Any picks submitted after the deadline will not be accepted by the CFWPT President.

o   Every member must include TWO total score tiebreakers along with their picks for the week. This will be used as a tertiary tiebreaker, as described below.

-          Every game that is selected will consist of a favorite (listed in all capital letters) and an underdog. The favorite is worth 1 point and the underdog is worth 2 points. The favorite/underdog is selected using (line subject to change). In the event that there is no line on a game, both teams will be worth 1 point.

o   If only one member selects a particular team in one game of the week when all others take the opposing team (i.e. one member takes Duke and all others take Kentucky) and that team wins (in this example, Duke), that member is awarded a Hero Pick. This Hero Pick is worth 3 points regardless of whether the team is a Favorite or Underdog.

-          At the end of every week, the member with the most points is crowned the Weekly Title Winner.

o   In the event there is more than one member with the highest amount of points, the member with the best overall record will be the winner.

o   Should the records be the same, then Accuracy for the week will determine the Weekly Title winner.

§  Accuracy is calculated by dividing the number of points earned by the number of points possible per individual.

o   In the event Accuracy is tied between two or more members, the final tiebreaker will be the member who selects closest to the total points scored in the bonus game.

-          At the end of the month (September, October & November) the member with the most points for the individual month is crowned the Monthly Title Winner.

o   Should there be multiple members with the same point total at the end of any month, the overall record will determine the Monthly Title Winner.

-          After Week 13, the member with the most points will be crowned the Regular Season Champion.

o   If multiple members have the same number of points, the final overall record will be used to determine the Regular Season Champion, followed by weekly titles and monthly titles, in that order.




-          Following the conclusion of Week 13, the top 3 members from each conference will automatically make the CFWPT Playoffs. The winners of each conference will make up #1, #2 and #3 seeds, respectively. Any member that falls in the #7 and #8 category for each conference is automatically eliminated from the playoffs, regardless of overall point total for the season.

-          Individual conference matchups of the #4 and #5 seed will occur during Week 14 to secure 3 automatic bids to the CFWPT Playoffs. Each matchup will consist of two conference championship games, each a marquee matchup, and the winner will automatically be given a spot in the CFWPT Playoffs.

o   Losers of the #4 vs. #5 matchups will still be eligible for a Wild Card berth in the CFWPT Playoffs, should their regular season point total be high enough.

-          Once the winners of the Week 14 matches are decided, a review of the overall standings (minus those already in the CFWPT Playoffs and those previously eliminated from the CFWPT Playoffs) will be used to determine which members will be advance to the CFWPT Playoffs via a Wild Card berth. There will be a total of 4 Wild Card spots up for grabs based on overall point total.

o   If multiple members have the same point total, and are eligible for a Wild Card spot, the tiebreaker of overall record will be used to determine which member advances, followed by weekly titles and monthly titles, in that order.

-          Once all CFWPT Playoff members are decided, the entire grouping, except for the conference winners, will be re-seeded (4-16) based on how those members made the playoffs.

-          Prior to the first round of the CFWPT Playoffs, the games for each matchup will be drawn randomly by the CFWPT President and Senior Advisor.

o   All bowl games will be marquee matchups and will require that each member pick a team to win, a QB, a RB, a Flex and a Defense. If a tie is possible following the picks, the CFWPT President will reach out to those members to ask for another Flex pick for each person that will act as the tiebreaker.

-          Each game is worth 2 points. The favorite/underdog point system no longer applies.







-          All members of the CFWPT Playoffs will participate in Week 1. The matchups will be determined by the final CFWPT Playoff seeds (1 vs. 16, 2 vs. 15, etc.).

-          Each matchup will consist of 2 bowl games, each drawn randomly for games falling within the range of December 15 to December 26.




-          The Second Round matchups will be determined based on the winners from the First Round. Matches will consist of highest remaining seeds vs. lowest remaining seeds.

-          Each match will consist of 4 bowl games that fall within the schedule of December 27 and December 31.




-          The Semi-Finals of the CFWPT Playoffs will consist of the winners from the Second Round and will be the highest remaining seeds vs. lowest remaining seeds.

-          Each match will consist of 3 bowl games, all falling on January 1. Both matches will have the same final game, which, for 2018, is the Sugar Bowl.

-          Winners of both matches will advance to the CFWPT Championship.




-          Outside of the two remaining members in the CFWPT Championship, the members that advanced to the Second Round are eligible for placement into one of 3 bowl games. Those announcements will occur following the conclusion of the Semi-Finals.

-          The CFWPT Championship and Bowl matchups will pick the CFP National Championship game.

-          The winner of the CFWPT Championship Bowl will win “The Bo”, to be presented to them by the CFWPT President and previous year’s CFWPT Champion (if possible).

-          Rivalry Bowl - The loser of the Rivalry Bowl must wear something (t-shirt, hat, hoodie, etc.) of the rival of the winner’s favorite team, to be chosen by the winner.

-          Rumpleminz Bowl – The loser must buy the winner a shot of Rumpleminz.

-          Rematch Bowl – Two competitors who faced off in Round 2 get another shot at each other.




The 2018-19 CFWPT member fee will be $40 per member. This money must be submitted to the CFWPT President prior to the start of the season.


Any members with outstanding fees at the start of the season will be unable to post their picks until the outstanding fees has been reconciled.


The payouts are as follows:




CFWPT Operational Costs


Weekly Title Winner ($5 per week x 13)


September Monthly Title Winner


October Monthly Title Winner


November Monthly Title Winner


Bud Light Conference Winner


Coors Light Conference Winner


Miller Lite Conference Winner


Regular Season Champion (#1 Overall Seed)


CFWPT Championship Game Runner Up


CFWPT Champion